C-section Recovery Kit

As a returning customer to the C-section department, I feel like a little bit of a veteran. A lot of what you need will be a no brainer, but some things you’ll want to face-palm for not thinking of!

A belly binder: I bought a 3 piece recovery gertle off Amazon and it really made all the difference. For the first day I only wore the one the hospital gave me because they put it on me while I was still in the operating room (I recommend requesting it because of how much it helps with the pain and stability). Once I was cleared to get up and walk around, I also asked if it would be okay if I put my own belly binder on because the material and and iodine made my belly itchy and the one I bought was a lot more breathable and supportive. (You can purchase the one I got on Amazon for 20 bucks here).

High rise yoga pants: trust me on this. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a nice pair (I bought mine for 20 bucks at TJ Maxx). The high waist helps so you don’t have anything rubbing on your incision, gives you extra support when you aren’t wearing your belly binder, holds in the mummy tummy, and also provides a barrier between your belly and binder to keep from itching.

Over the knee compression socks: You may or may not know this, but you will have fluid retention after a C-section (not sure about vaginal birth). It’s uncomfortable, unsightly and just plain sucks. Fortunately, the compression socks help the fluid retention in your legs go away a little quicker. I didn’t have them after my first and it took 3 weeks for all the fluid retention to subside. With my second, wearing the compression socks cut that time in half!

Pill organizer: You will be given a lot of medications after you have a C-section. I was given Oxycodone, colace, iron, and Motrin. Then 2 weeks later I was given Zoloft to combat my post partem depression.

Disposable underwear: You’ll be given these at the hospital, thank goodness. I actually cut a pair in half down the middle and folded it up and used it as a barrier between my underwear and incision for the first week.

Sugar scrub and body oil: My skin got super scaley from the iodine and belly binder and I used sugar scrub and body oil with and after every shower to help. It took a few weeks but my skin is back to normal.

Flip flops 1 size too big: You’ll be pretty swollen when you leave the hospital so this is so you can have something on your feet for the first week.

Squatty potty and stool softener: Your first poo after a C-section is terrifying. The fear of pushing and hurting yourself is terrifying, especially since you haven’t gone #2 in a couple days. If you don’t know what a squatty potty is, it’s basically a stool that puts your body in the proper position to affectively eliminate in. That paired with colace will make the job a lot less intimidating.

I hope these tips lead you towards a quick a healthy recovery!


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