Pregnancy Essentials

Okay Ladies, get ready to take notes or screen shots because I’m about to change your life (or maybe just your pregnancy.) I’m going to share my pregnancy secrets with you; how I have zero stretch marks, how I’ve kept unnecessary weight off, how I’ve kept my energy levels up, everything. Read now, thank me later.

Gummy Prenatal Vitamins 

These are my favorite. I forget to take my prenatals if I don’t have these. They taste like candy and you won’t be disappointed! Yes, they aren’t the best prenatal on the market, but what is a great prenatal if you don’t take it?

Ways to Combat Morning Sickness

Morning sickness seriously sucks. Not only do you feel sick all the time, but feeling sick depletes your energy and now your sick and tired. There are a few things that work for me. First, find the foods that don’t revolt you. A few meals we found that I could eat were; Oat meal, Jimmy Deans Breakfast sandwiches, Shepherds Pie, Cowboy Casserole, granola bars and “light” foods. Make sure to eat small meals every couple hours. Morning sickness only struck me if I ate to little or to much. So I ate a 7:30 and 9 o’clock breakfast, an 11 and 1 o’clock lunch and then dinner at 6. I found fruits and veggies are the easiest to digest so it doesn’t hurt your stomach! You can also invest in Sea sickness bracelets!

A Good Obstetrician 

This one is critical. It makes all the difference in the world! Take it from me. I had the OB from hell and I waited way to long to switch. The first 2 trimesters of my Pregnancy were super stressful because of her; giving me misinformation, not listening to my concerns, no bedside manner, pressuring me into things I didn’t feel comfortable with, and bad mouthing me to her colleagues. Then I found my new OB and it was like love at first site. She treats you like a friend and like you’re cared for. She sets up a plan b just in case I go into labor before my C-section date. If you take anything from this, it’s make sure you love your OB. Not just like, love. Trust me girlfriend, it makes a world.of difference. The more you enjoy your doctor’s visits, the less stressful your pregnancy will be!

Muscle Milk

I absolutely love the taste of chocolate muscle milk. My husband has recently got into working out and he bought some and I looked online to see if it was safe for Pregnant women. What I found was surprising, it’s recommended! It prevents and decreases nausea while giving you much needed nutrition! It’s also great to use while breastfeeding!
A Weekly Activity Plan

The more active you are throughout your pregnancy, the better you will feel and the less unnecessary weight you’ll gain. With my first pregnancy, I had no energy and gained way to much weight. I didn’t do anything active except the 2 months I had a job. My last trimester I was miserable. Absolutely miserable. This pregnancy I have focused a lot more on doing something  active on a weekly basis. I may go on a hike, walk through the mall, yoga, or hit the apartment gym. I don’t always make an effort to be active, but overall I feel significantly better compared to my previous Pregnancy. I have also kept my weight gain down, which is a relief because between you and me; I actually care about getting back into shape after this one.

Baby registry

This is a no brainier, but some people don’t think of starting one early on. I have only used Target and Amazon baby registry a and they make it really convenient to add all necessary items to the list and keep track of who bought what. Both also come with a welcome box. The reviews for Amazon’s welcome box are sub par but you can’t beat free stuff. The reviews for targets welcome box are much better but I haven’t received a welcome box from either so I will do a review once I receive them.

Bigger clothing

As your belly grows, your clothes start to shrink. Start stocking up now because you don’t want to be down to your baggy stained pajama shirts in public! I bought 3 maternity shirts at Target for 15 bucks a piece and I also bought some of the longer stretchy shirts on clearance for about 5-10 bucks a piece.

Treatment for heartburn

If heartburn hasn’t become a problem yet, it’s about to. I keep a travel pack of Smoothie Tums in my purse at all times not to mention a full sized bottle in the cupboard. If Tums aren’t right for you, anything rich in calcium will relieve the symptoms. Another thing you can do is avoid the foods that cause it for you. I found anything high in sugar cause it for me (unless it’s vanilla, weird).

Sugar scrub

My saving Grace. I use sugar scrub every time I get in the bath. It’s good for a lot of things but my main two are to relieve my restless leg syndrome and to keep the elasticity in my skin at its peak. With the RLS, I am a true sufferer. I’ll soak in a tub full of hot water (up to where my bump starts) with a couple drops of lavender and then massage and scrub my legs. I found the sugar scrub prevents stretch marks and itching on my belly.

Body boost stretch mark oil

When I got to a certain size, I preferred the oil over the lotion. I felt the oil penetrated deeper into my skin and did a better job moisturizing. The better your skin is moisturized, the stretchier it is and the less likely you are to get stretch marks. I have a couple stretch marks on my boobs and thighs that came post pregnancy caused by fluid retention and the breast milk let down.

Pregnancy Pants

I didn’t want to use these at first but man, did they help. You will reach a certain point in your Pregnancy where pants are uncomfortable; they pinch your belly, they’re constantly getting pushed down, it’s just not fun. Target has a decent selection of cute and affordable maternity clothes and I recommend starting there!
So did I do it? Did I change your life? If I missed anything, I want to know! 


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