Pregnancy Update; I Fired My OB

My mind is completely blown by my doctor, or now former doctor. I’ve never been a big fan of her, she always did her job which I appreciated, but this was just flat out ridiculous. If you haven’t read my last pregnancy update, please go read that before reading on (Pregnancy Update; The Good, The Bad, and the Concerning).

If you don’t remember since it has been a little while, I went to a routine ultrasound and the babies neck measured thick so I was referred to a genetic counselor and high risk OB. I’ll describe that appointment and then follow up with why I fired my doctor.

My appointment was on a Wednesday at the Naval Hospital. We first met with the genetic counselor and she asked us a bunch of family history problems, the only even slightly concerning thing was that I have a half brother with aspergers and a deaf nephew, but everything else was totally normal.

After that, we went in for my follow up ultrasound. I was told to show up with a full bladder and we didn’t anticipate the first portion to take as long as it did so I was ready to wet myself. The nurse got the images she wanted, I relieved myself and then came back and waited for the high risk OB doctor to come in. He was fantastic. It’s rare to find a doctor that acknowledges my husband, his concerns and answers his questions as well as mine. He came in and explained everything as he saw it and asked me “so how far along were you when you got your ultrasound that came up abnormal?” And I told him almost 23 weeks. He was absolutely shocked that my regular OB didn’t lead with that when she told me the babies neck measured thick. Your second trimester scan is typically done between 16 and 19 weeks, so I got mine done past the deadline (because no one in radiology would return my calls when I tried to schedule my appointment). He told us that for a 19 week fetus, her neck is abnormally thick but  she wasn’t 19 weeks, she was almost a month older than that so they had nothing to compare it to. The only thing he saw that was any slight cause for concern was ventricular calcification which means she has more cartiledge than normal in part od her heart, so I got a torch panel to test for any sort of infection, which would most likely have been CMV (cytomegalovirus). 

When I got my test results back a week later, I was given a clean bill of health and told that the baby was fine as well. The genetic counselor also ordered a noninvasive prenatal screening to thoroughly check myself and the baby for any genetic diseases. That test also came back with flying colors.

The day following my appointment at the hospital, I had my normal OB appointment with my doctor. She asked me how I was feeling and I told her I was feeling a little stressed out and a little frustrated because she left out a big piece of information. Instead of being apologetic, she argued with me and told me that the reasoning behind my babies thick neck wasn’t because of her size. A few minutes later she changed her story and said it was in the ultrasound report that she told me, which I definitely know I was not given that information before the high risk OB. 

We moved on and she asked me if I was doing any traveling, which I was. I planned on going to Washington to visit family and friends a few days following my appointment and she asked if I got my flu shot yet, which I responded with no. She told me I needed to and I told her that’s the one shot I don’t feel comfortable with because of the information I learned about the flu shot in school to be a medical assistant (later story). She tried to pressure me into it and said things like “well if you want to be around all those sick people on a plane, go for it. Not my problem”.

After my appointment, she walked me to the scheduling room to schedule my next appointment, which I didn’t plan on going to. After I took the first appointment they had, I left and I walked past a nurse’s office where my OB was seated with her back to the door. I then heard her say “she’s stupid. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about” which I assume was about me because I saw her 30 seconds earlier.

I have no intent on returning to see her. It still makes me sick to think she was openly talking about her patient that way. If she was talking to me or about me like that, I can’t imagine what she’s saying to other patients. No matter what, you always get a say in who your OB is. If your doctor doesn’t give you the warm and fuzzys when you go to your appointments, find a doctor that does.
Thanks for reading! Have any of you had a nightmare of an OB? Tell me your stories!


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