How I’ve Lost and Maintained Weight While Pregnant *Healthy*

Before I got pregnant the first time I was an average of 135 pounds. This was good for being 5’4 with most of my weight being muscle! A couple days before I gave birth to my son, my doctor had me weigh in at 201 and during my stay at the hospital I received 11 bags of fluid, so who knows how much I ended up weighing in the end (I’m guessing at least 204). At my first post pardum appointment I weighed about 175.

I like to blame my weight gain on my 10 pound baby, but not all of it was him unfortunately. I ate like complete crap when I was pregnant. I was addicted to Digorno stuffed crust pizza and I ate it at least 5 time a week (not an over exaggeration). I had him via C-section so it hurt to move for a few weeks after having him and I was afraid to work out. Fast forward to a year later. Average weight of 169. I didn’t feel motivated to work out because it was hard to work out when I had the baby with me and felt bad making my husband watch him after having a long day at work. 

The following summer I got a job as a nursing aid and I lifted a 60 pound child all day. In a month of working I lost about 9 pounds and after working for 3 months we realized I wasn’t making enough to justify childcare so I had to quit. I gained back about 3 pounds, not a huge deal. 

This is where it gets good and I promise I’m getting to the point. I started actually making dinner I stead of just heating stuff up and then I started notice my body changing (but nothing on the scale). About a month later we found out I was pregnant so I got even more serious about what I was eating and I had to stop casually breastfeeding Liam.

In 2 weeks I dropped 8 pounds and now, 10 weeks later I’ve only gained 1. There’s not a huge secret to how I did it, but I will explain why it happened (my theory at least). When you breastfeed, yes, it helps you lose a bunch of weight in the beginning but no one tells you what happens if you keep going. Your body can hold on to 12 pound of fat for milk production! So when I stopped, it gave my metabolism a chance to catch up for the first time in 2 years. When you’re pregnant, your metabolism is already faster than usual so mine  just started going lightning speed.

We continued to hike on the weekends until it got too cold and I’ve turned to hamburger helper a little bit more than I should but my weight is still maintained for the most part! My doctor questioned me as if I suffered from an eating disorder at my last appointment. I’ll be 22 weeks in a couple days and suppobaly I’m supposed to have gained 10-15 pounds by now but in my mind, I gained the weight preemptively so if I can maintain, after I have this baby maybe just maybe I’ll be back to my approximate prepregnancy weight! We will see!

As always, thank you for reading and if you have any weight maintaining recommendations for a second pregnancy or you have questions drop them below!

26 weeks pregnant and I have only gained 10 pounds!

27 weeks and I’m at 13 pounds!

32 weeks and I’m at 17 pounds!

38 weeks and only a 21 pound weight gain!!! 


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