*Newborn* Baby Must Haves

Whether your having your first baby or your 20th, it’s a good idea to compile a list of things you need for that child. I have another 4 months until I need to start scrambling but I feel like the best time to create this list is right before tax returns! 

Since I am going from boy to girl, I feel like I am almost from the beginning. The first thing I’m going to do is go through the tubs and tubs of Liam’s outgrown clothes and pull out all of the gender neutral clothing for the little lady. I’m still going to have to buy a lot, so here are some items I am personally making sure to buy before she makes her appearance.
Depending on your child’s birth weight, you will want at least one pajama outfit for every day in the correlating size and two regular outfits in that same size. My son was 10 lbs but then lost almost a pound in the hospital and wore new born for a week or so.For the first couple weeks, you’ll want to keep your baby as comfortable as possible. It’s a scary new world and that’s one less thing for your baby to worry (or cry) about. I discourage jeans in the first month, but highly encourage soft little onsie sets and pajamas! On the topic of clothes, also make sure your baby is wearing an extra layer of clothing! Their little bodies can’t regulate temperature yet, so keep them bundled as much as possible!

A good baby swing will save your sanity. When Liam was itty bitty, sometimes the only thing that could get him to stop crying was the baby swing. It had a little mobile with monkeys and a big mirror in the middle. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Mamaroo or a Fisher-Price, just get one and thank me later.

Not all babies will take a pacifier, but definitely have one on hand for that first month when the two of you are getting the whole nursing thing down. Also keep in mind, if you allow your baby to use a pacifier, at some point you may have to wean them from it. I’m fortunate enough that my son used one for the first 3 or so months and then was completely over it.

Whether you plan on exclusively breastfeeding or not, at some point you’re going to need to leave home without your baby so it’s good to have some bottles on hand. Avent and Dr browns bottles were my personal favorite because they didn’t leak and they last a long time. Also, the nipple shape of the Avent is wide base so it’s an excellent starter bottle.

A baby carrier or wrap for baby wearing. I’m not a crunchy mom but I will recommend this to EVERYONE. A Moby wrap is best for the first several months in my opinion, but after that I recommend upgrading to a soft structured carrier or a woven wrap. (If you are interested to learn more about baby wearing, I am not expert but I can do a blog on some tips, carry’s and safety.)

A car seat that clicks into place. The Graco Click connect was our Savior. We just set it on the base and it clicked into place and you pull a lever to get it out and it works the same with the stroller! Trust me on this one, when the baby is sleeping, unhooking the car seat takes a lot of pressure off of you. Once your inside you can take the baby out and quickly set then in their crib or bassinet (minimal movement).

I hope you found som useful info in this blog. I’m still learning about this whole blogging thing, but I’m having a lot of fun! If I missed anything, let me know down below!


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