Why Sleep Training Didn’t Work for us.

For a lot of people, the Ferber method is a magical solution to their child’s sleep problems. For us, it wasn’t so easy. First of all, moving cross country with a 2 month old is hard. Going from time zone to time zone, sleeping in hotel rooms, trying to nurse on the road… The list goes on. When we arrived at my in-laws home in Georgia from Washington state, I needed just one good night sleep. That’s all I wanted. We brought Liam into bed with us and what was supposed to be a temporary thing turned into something a little more long lasting.

When we arrived in Virginia about 2 weeks later and got settled, there was a time change which affected his sleep yet again. After we finally got into some sort of a routine we decided to try and sleep train him. After over an hour of screaming, we couldn’t take it anymore, so we decided we would try again a few months later. After over three hours of screaming we knew it was not going to be the method for us.

I asked for tips in one of the mommy groups I am part of on Facebook and one really stuck with me. One mom told me something to the extent of 100 percent of children will learn how to put themselves to sleep eventually.  This little tid bit really changed my perspective on things. I have such a strong willed child that if we were to even try to sleep train him again he would just end up awake all night. Why was I stressing him being in his own bed so badly? Why didn’t I just see it for what it was; comforting. It’s a much better feeling waking up next to someone than waking up alone, especially when you’re young.

What really did the trick was weaning him. At his 18 month check up, I told his doctor I was pregnant and asked for any tips and she said just go cold turkey. And that is what we did. It took a few days for him to get used to it but once he did it was a literal night and day difference. No more nursing which meant no reason for him to wake up for a midnight snack. Now he can put himself to sleep. He prefers to be held while he does it, but I don’t mind the cuddles. 

The moral of the story is don’t stress the sleep. I promise that your baby will figure it out. Cry it out works great for a lot of people, but if it doesn’t work for you just relax. 

100 percent of kid will sleep through the night eventually. Just enjoy the precious moments for now, enjoy the fact that they don’t want to spend a moment without you or they wake up in the night because they miss you. As inconvenient as it may be at times, when they’re older you’ll miss it!


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