Big News for the New Year!

I am 16 weeks pregnant so obviously we were getting impatient to know the sex of our unborn baby. Since we have military doctors, the wait to find out the sex would be closer to 20 weeks and I just don’t think I could wait that long. We paid to get an ultrasound at one of those specialty clinics out in town and I am so glad we did!

The place we went is in Chesapeake Virginia and it is called Prenatal Imaging. We had such an awesome experience there, I can’t even begin! The waiting room is very clean and so was the room where they did the ultrasound! They had plenty of seating including a big comfy couch. The ultrasound machine was connected to a monitor so we could watch everything on a large TV mounted on the wall which was definitely nice.

This little baby did not feel like cooperating, the the lady who did the ultrasound was very patient and had enough experience to know how to get the baby to cooperate. After about 15-20 minutes of work, we found out the sex. It is a GIRL. My husband was shocked and I was in disbelief. I am so excited to finally get my mini me!

We have the name chosen but we are arguing about how it will be spelled. My big reveal will be sometime later this month so stay tuned!


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