Birth story

Oh man, where do I even start? 

I went to my weekly pregnancy appointment at 40 weeks and 5 days thinking get this thing out of me. My doctor was a fantastic women. She was a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy because all of my medical needs are tended to by military medicine. She swept my membranes which got more uncomfortable with every visit and this was the fourth time I had gotten it done. She told me she worked harder than usual to see if she could pop something. Gross… But appreciated. Obviously, nothing to our knowledge had popped and she said to return the following evening because she would be working the night shift in Labor and Delivery.

Within a couple hours I started getting the usual post sweeping cramps. I went home and bounced and made sure all of our hospital bags were ready to go. The day went normally. We ate Digorno stuffed crust pepperoni pizza and watched the first season on dare devil. 

The next day my husband got off early so we could spend what we hoped would be our last few hours alone. We finished the first season of Daredevil on Netflix and then loaded up and said “Alright. Let’s go have a baby”.

When we got to the hospital we said I was cramping and the baby wasn’t as active, which concerned us. The took us back to triage and my doctor came in and saw us. They did an ultrasound when she noticed something and then went to fetch a set of eyes for a second opinion. Apparently, her plan of puncturing my amniotic sac was actually a success and water had been slowly leaking since I left the doctor. Yay, I was being induced! 

So we got checked into our room, which was very big and private. There was a couch, a TV, the hospital bed, all of the newborn checkup equipment and my own private bathroom. It was nice really nice and I felt good about being there. I called my mom and told her I was being induced and she lived 2 hours away so she was going to leave within the next few minutes.

We got settled and the corpsman came in and set up my IV. The first poke he got blood everywhere. My entire bed was soaked and guess what he did? He put down another pad on the bed. I told my nurse and she was livid. She stormed out of the room and when she came back she might as well have been dragging him by the ear. He was given an earful and it was almost impossible not to laugh.

Once I could officially lay in my bed the started the pitocin. No one told me how bad pitocin would be. Luckily, my entire youth my menstral cramps were always bad so I was slightly prepared. Everything I had eaten ended up in the puke bag, the pain was so bad my body felt like it had been turned inside out, and on top of all of that I was hungry.

My mom got there shortly after I became the cranky laboring woman and I remember her walking in and giving me my stuffed animal I had since I was about 6 months old. Piggy and I had been together through everything and she was about the only thing I wanted.

About 5 hours later I needed some sort of relief. The started some medication through my IV which made me feel drunk so naturally it was great. Every 15 minutes I could press the button and it would give me more! That lasted me a few hours and then the pain became worse. At about hour 7 or 8, I finally tapped out and got the epidural. The anesthesiologist placed it, ow, and then said he didn’t feel confident in his work so he redid it. It hurt but I appreciated the honesty.

Between contractions and screams I wanted someone to hold my hand but I didn’t want to be touched. I wanted my mom close but not to look at me. I wanted my husband but I was mad at him for making me have a baby. I’d tell them not to touch me and then profusely apologize and tell them I loved them.

When the medication kicked in I fell asleep and stayed asleep until doctors were waking me up. The medication was too strong so they had to dial back the little bit of relief I had. Not only was it too strong by it made my blood pressure drop down really low and made my son’s heart rate slow down a lot.

I only remember bits and pieces of the rest of the day. I remember having a team of people help flip my paralyzed 200 pound body over so I could sit on all fours to help the labor pains and help the baby move into position. He had been stuck at 4cm at that point and that’s when they first brought up the c-section. I refused and said we will keep trying other things. I fell asleep in the doggy position and my husband had to get the doctors after I had been like that for about 4 hours. Apparently I had been in that position for so long my legs were turning blue. Along with that, I had about 7 bags of fluid pumped into me at this point with no where to go because my kidneys weren’t wanting to process out the fluid.

I remember my mom and husband sneaking subway because I couldn’t eat. This made me mad because I knew they were trying but I could smell the steak sandwich. They were hiding behind a curtain, how much more obvious could you be? It’s pretty funny thinking back on it.

There came a point where I had a strange and intense pain. It felt like I had the worst constipation of my life and pushing would end my life. Shortly after I experienced this, they started monitoring my temperature. I was starting to run a fever. This is a bad sign.

So they brought in the paperwork and told me I was going to need a c-section. I could wait a half hour and see if anything progresses but since my son was stuck at 8cm for so long, they needed to get involved. I cried and signed the papers.

Here comes the crazy part. On my current team was a tall lady doctor with long hair, a short lady doctor with short hair, a nurse anesthetist (anesthesiologist), a nurse, 3 corpsman and the crown jewel; Dr.Ewing. They helicoptered her in from Seattle. She was the number one obstetric surgeon in the region. It’s scary she came all that way (an hour drive) for little old me.

My doctor who was there in the beginning of the process asked me if it was okay if she went to her cake tasting for her wedding. She was ready to blow that off to stay with me. Of course I told her to go!

The nurse anesthetist was rubbing my face and telling me he was there for me and that he would take care of me. Such a nice guy and he worked his BUTT off. He did not get a break with me.

The first round of medicine kind of worked. I didnt feel them poking me which was good but then I felt then cutting. So he gave me more medication. And he had to keep giving me more… and more until he had given me more medication than it would take to knock out Dwayne Johnson and I was still going. 

Finally I remember a complete bliss. I started to hallucinate. I was crawling through what looked like something strait out of Alice in Wonderland. The tunnels were black and white moving kaleidoscopes. It was seriously weird.

I broke out of my hallucination when I heard “there will be a pressure” and someone shouted “Uterine.” They explained it to me when we got into the OR before starting the strong medication; shortly after cutting into the uterus I would hear uterine, there would be a great pressure and then the baby would be out. 

As soon as Liam was born into the world he started crying. Oh my goodness, such a sweet angry little cry. We heard the doctors say “oh my god… That’s a big baby!” I looked to my left, closing one eye to get my vision to focus so I could see then cleaning him up and screaming. I was crying, my husband was crying. He was kissing my head and thanking me and telling me how proud he was. 

I can’t remember what happened in the next 5 minutes but I remember seeing the ceiling lights as we were moving through the hallway back into my room. I started crying and saying “where is my husband. Where is my son.” We weren’t even back into the room yet. I was so afraid and panicking and confused. 

When we were finally into the room and my husband came in (he was just telling his parents I was out of surgery). My mom was holding Liam and then handing him to Justin. The doctors advised against me holding him but my husband didn’t listen. Instead he said, “she was just in labor for the past 21 hours and got cut open to bring him to life. She can hold the damn baby”.

I held him and snuggled him. He smelled so good. They told me his size; 10 pounds, 22 inches long. Wow. No wonder he got stuck. For the next day or so doctors, nurses, and corpsman came by to see this huge baby. My doctor came strait over from her cake tasting and help him and told me how proud she was.

The moral of the story is, your birth plan is more of a set of guidelines. Sometimes things go as planned and sometimes what you thought was a 7 pound baby is actually a 10 pound baby. Not all people will have an experience like mine, few will, so don’t let it scare you. Learn from it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my birth story! Tell me about yours in the comments! 



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