Ten Toddler Must Haves

I would still consider myself a new mom as I’ve only been running the race for a little over 20 months. Like me, you probably go crazy trying to find the right things for your child. Clothes that fit right, diapers that smell better, diaper cream that actually works and so on. Let me make it a little easier for you! The products on this list are everything from lotion to furniture; everything that I have deemed can’t live without. I do not represent any of these products or brands and I do not get paid to talk about them, I just really love them!

  • 10. Honest Company Diapers

Honest company diapers. Wow. I can’t even begin to tell you how I swear by these. My son has very sensitive skin and he used to get diaper rashes so bad they would become open sores. The biggest thing that drew me to these diapers was the fact they are chemical free! You get 4 packs of wipes and 200 diapers in any chosen design for 79 dollars a month right to your door. I love that they have a ton of different designs and they feel quality! They run a little small as a disclaimer (in Huggies my son is a 5 and in Honest he has outgrown a 6). I would recommend these diapers for babies up to 30 pounds!

  • 9. Bag Balm

Bag balm! I won’t talk about this one too much because I have an entire post about diaper rashes. This stuff clears up my son’s rashes over night most of the time! You can buy it just about any where too!

  • 8. Graco 4ever

Finding the perfect Car seat is no joke. We researched forever and then it hit me like a school bus; our infant car seat is Graco. Why don’t I just take a look? So I did. Price wise: affordable. You can. Find it on Amazon for under 200 dollars and it’s the last car seat you will ever need. Comfort wise, the padding is made of memory foam so I know my son is actually comfortable back there! When we bought it and installed it, he fell asleep within minutes!

  • 7. Munchkin Miracle 360

People ask me about these cups all the time! They made it onto this list because my son loves them, they keep the mess to a minimum, they’re easy to clean, and they are great for moving on to cups! Unfortunately, out of all of the cups he has, he loses these the most but they’re cheap and are sold just about everywhere!

  • 6. Kids PlaceParental Control 

This is an app that will save your sanity! It locks out you entire phone except for the approved apps or actions. Before I passed my old phone down to Liam to play with, I had this so when we were out and about, he could work on his colors, letters, and numbers. Anyways, if you want a safe way for your child to use technology, I recommend this app!

  • 5. Aveeno Calming Comfort Bath

Ever since all of that stuff about Johnson & Johnson having embalming chemicals in it, I’ve been weary as to continuing to support the brand. I have, however, always used the lavender scented baby soap because I’m selfish. It smells like heaven. I don’t know if it’s actually calming but it sure does smell good! Along with smelling good, it super sensitive too. Did I mention it smells good?

  • 4. Little Nikes

When my son first started walking we struggled finding shoes that weren’t clunky without sacrificing the sole all together. Then we found little Nike’s and now we will never go back. My son has owned 5 pairs of Nike’s to date because they are so easy to get on and off and they are easy for him to walk around in! The only downside is the Velcro wears out but we have only had that happened to one pair of shoes that he has had. If you have a toddler or any child, I highly recommend a pair of Nike’s! *Bonus points for the little Puma socks with arch support!*

  • 3. Foam Chair

I found this at Target for about 40 dollars but you can find similar products in other places (Home Goods has a little kid recliner). My son loves having a chair in the living room that is just his size! Every morning he goes strait to his chair and watches his morning cartoons and waits for his breakfast. It doesn’t matter what kind of chair you get, your child will just love something just for them!

  • 2.Scout (or Violet

We bought this for my son when he was really little and at the time he wasn’t really interested. Now he loves Scout! Scout works best when you personalize it so when he sings or plays games, it makes it more personal! My favorite thing about it is, Scout teaches your child relevant things to their age! 20 bucks for a toy they can play with for years? Can’t go wrong with that!

  • 1. Cube Organizer 

This is a really inexpensive way to organize your child’s toys or belongings for any age range and it’s  stylish enough to use anywhere in the house. You can buy any color or patterned baskets and if a cube isn’t functional enough, there are shelves you can put up in each one to split the space in half! Another positive to this is teaching your child organization and categories. My son has a cube for books, one for legos, one for cars and one for musical toys. For the entire set up I spent less than 75 dollars and I can use this for years to come!

These products have saved me as a parent! Are there any products that you use as well or any you could not do without? Drop a comment below and let me know! 


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